Hosting a political speaker, candidate, or group on campus?

As political visitors flock to Drake’s campus this fall, any faculty and staff interested in planning events or advising student groups that may be planning events need to be aware of Drake’s policies regarding political visitors. Candidates and other political figures may visit Drake may be hosted by Drake-affiliated groups, rent University facilities, or serve as guest speakers in a class.

Drake values the opportunity to engage the political environment while recognizing the importance of each individual’s rights regarding political activities. All Drake employees and groups must adhere to Drake’s political activity policy in order to ensure compliance with IRS guidelines. Therefore, if students or faculty are approached about candidate events or want to plan events, the Political Visitor Team is here to help.

The Political Visitor Team, comprising faculty and staff members from across campus, provides logistical support and ensures institutional cooperation for political events on campus. By keeping this team aware of political events on campus, you can ensure that all candidates, campaigns, parties, and issue advocacy organizations are treated fairly and consistently and that Drake complies with federal law. They can also provide more information about upcoming events.

To reach the Political Visitor Team, contact Rachel Paine Caufield, associate professor of political science and Iowa Caucus Project director, at or 271-1924.