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Get a taste for these new chefs’ culinary skills

Meet Executive Chef Angela Shultz
Chef Angela is originally from Hancock, Iowa, and received her AAS in Culinary Arts from Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids—but it wasn’t long until her education and pursuit of her craft took her to the pacific northwest where she gained extensive experience in everything from fast-food to fine dining.

She’s been with Sodexo for seven-plus years now, and recently moved from Seattle to get back to her Iowa roots with the Drake Dining team, and we’re thrilled to see chef in action at Hubbell Dining Hall. “I love new challenges,” she said. “We have so much diversity in our kitchen and I can’t wait to work alongside our team and learn their food and culture. I’m so excited about all the possibilities this new dining hall can offer.”

Chef Kevin Fletcher
Chef Kevin was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, where he cut his teeth and honed his culinary skills in fast-paced casino kitchens and healthcare systems where high-volume food production was the name of the game. He joined the Drake Dining team in Spring of 2020. Chef Kevin’s favorite ingredient to work with is lamb, but also loves to experiment with different types of chocolate.

He’s eager to flex his culinary chops in the newly remodeled Hubbell Dining Hall, and says, “I’m most excited to show the new, innovative and fun ideas that we’re cooking up for the new school year!” Look for Chef Kevin next time you dine at the Hubb!

— Casey Morgan, Dining Services

Outdoor movie events to benefit Varsity Cinema

The Des Moines Film Society will be hosting outdoor movie events on September 17 and 18 at the corner of 25th Street and Carpenter Avenue, just steps away from the Varsity. All proceeds go to the redevelopment and reopening of the Varsity Cinema.

Popcorn, snacks, and soft drinks will be available for purchase. Bring a chair or blanket, sit on the lawn, and enjoy the show! Limited tickets are available. Advance purchase is recommended.

The Friday, Sept. 17, show will be Moon Rise Kingdom. A pre-show DJ set from The Dust Bros., inspired by the music of Wes Anderson, will begin at 7 p.m.

The Saturday, Sept. 18, show is a special advanced screening of Storm Lake. There will be a post-screening Q&A with the film’s directors and Art Cullen, editor of the Storm Lake Times.

Find more information

— Ryan Arnold, Director, Community Engagement

Beware of back-to-school scams

The expense of returning to school often entails far more than the cost of tuition. Students and the parents/caregivers who support them are wise to look for the best deals possible, but scammers, spammers, and phishers are looking to outsmart you at every turn.

These common back-to-school scams offer the perfect study guide for protecting yourself from security threats.

1. SMS giveaways and freebies

Congratulations! You’ve just received a text message saying you’ve been awarded a free back-to-school shopping spree. You just have to visit a website, provide your email address… and you will be “rewarded” with endless emails, texts and automated phone calls from the company you’ve just given your information to.

Bonus: You’ll also get solicitations from the marketing companies they’ve sold your information to if you happen to agree with their privacy policy before catching on to the phony SMS message.

Most companies don’t market via SMS. If you’re curious about whether the deal is legitimate, search for the company and the deal it’s claiming to offer online. If you don’t see your offer listed, you are being phished.

2. Social media scams

You know the familiar Facebook sidebar, advertising deals, offers and giveaways that seem too good to be true; and they often are. Common back-to-school scams show up in the form of ads promising desirable mobile devices, $1000 gift cards and department store vouchers for a fraction of the price.

These seemingly unbeatable deals often lure curious Facebook users away from their news feeds to investigate further. They are particularly dangerous because they often only depend on the user clicking the advertisement. Instead of being one click away from a $19.99 iPad, you’re downloading malware onto your electronic device.

3. Advertisements

Whether they’re arriving by pop-up, sidebar or email, always inspect back-to-school advertisements and promotions closely. A poorly constructed malicious ad will often feature spelling errors, bad grammar and distorted or unfamiliar company logos, but many scam advertisements are hard to spot at first and even second glance.

One way to ensure an advertisement is authentic is to search for the language appearing in the ad along with the company name through a reputable search engine. If nothing comes up (or if the search results look just as suspicious), the ad is likely a fraud.

Scammers and phishers purposely make it easy to click your way right into a situation that compromises your private data. Ensure your security software is up to date on all devices you use for web browsing and be wary of clicking on links from unknown sources. To help you identify fraudulent emails, ITS will continue to simulate phishing and assign training to those most susceptible. If you believe you’ve been targeted by phishing, see Reporting a Phishing Message (How-to).

— Carla Herling, ITS

Update from the chief information technology officer

It has been a busy, yet quiet summer, and it is wonderful to see more activity on campus again. As we start another school year, I want to share some updates to ITS services and projects we are working on. 

This fall, the support center in Carnegie Hall is open again for student walk-in assistance, however ITS recommends using the IT service portal at (or click the ITS Support button in myDrake) or calling 515-271-3001 for assistance. ITS staff will first try to resolve issues remotely. In-person appointments for faculty and staff will be scheduled if remote resolution isn’t successful. 

New Systems and Services  

  • Some of the most important technology ITS supports is in the classroom. Last year, ITS received funding to begin a two-year project to update classroom technology across campus. You’ll start to see new equipment and designs in classrooms this fall! Tools for online instruction also got a major boost this year with the upgrade to Blackboard Ultra.
  • We are currently working with our vendor, LRI, to replace campus printers and copiers. While our goal was to have all printers installed before classes began, global supply chain delays in equipment delivery will extend the roll out into the school year. Please bear with us as we work to distribute and install new equipment as quickly as possible.
  • One of the most exciting projects of the summer was the full upgrade of the wireless network in residence halls. New wireless access points have been installed in every room and relocated in common areas to provide stronger and more consistent wireless coverage.
  • Last year ITS began moving all campus telephones from the old analog system to Microsoft Teams Voice over IP (VoIP) services. Our 20-year-old telecom system is no longer vendor supported. We are more than halfway through the transition to VoIP. Call quality and service should return to normal as we complete this move and are able to fully decommission our old system.

Information Technology Security 

Cybersecurity, data breaches, ransomware and phishing at colleges and universities have become frequent headlines. To ensure our personal and institutional information is protected, ITS is implementing several new security measures.  

  1. Longer password requirements that are stronger and harder to crack
    Password length is more effective than frequently updating your password. Until recently, Drake’s minimum requirement was eight characters including upper- and lower-case letters, symbols and numbers. This combination now takes less than 8 hours to crack, compared to 34,000 years for a 12-character password. ITS has increased the minimum required password length to 12 characters and is extending the reset schedule from every year to every two years.
  2. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for students
    Using multiple methods of verification is the most effective way to prevent compromised email accounts. Rather than just signing in with your username and password an additional authentication method such as a PIN or mobile app will be used to access email and other Drake accounts.  

In closing, on behalf of all ITS, I want to thank you for your support as we roll out these technology changes. We look forward to another year of supporting our community and furthering the innovative use of technology to enhance the Drake experience for students, faculty, and staff.  

— Keren Fiorenza, Acting CITO, Information Technology Services 

Get your flu shot on campus Sept. 13–Oct. 15

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is partnering with Hy-Vee Pharmacy to offer flu vaccinations on campus at the Harkin Center, 2800 University Avenue, for Drake University faculty, staff, and students.

Sign up for an appointment

Appointments will be offered on Mondays, 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., and Fridays, 12 to 3 p.m., from Sept. 13 through Oct. 15.

IMPORTANT: Approximately 10–14 days prior to your appointment, you will receive an email from with a secure link from Hy-Vee to complete the online vaccination consent form and enter your prescription insurance information.

You must complete this online consent form at least two days prior to your scheduled flu vaccination clinic appointment.

Prescription insurance is required for this flu vaccination clinic. (We are unable to accept cash/credit card payments for services at this clinic). Most insurance plans cover the cost of a flu vaccination.

For individuals without prescription insurance, flu vaccinations are available for $25 at the Drake Student Health Center. Contact the Drake Student Health Center to make an appointment at: 515–271–3731.

— Nora Stelter, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice

A Rainbow Welcome

The Drake University LGBTQ+ Alumni and Allies are hosting a Rainbow Welcome networking event on Wednesday, Sept. 22, at 7 p.m. at the Alumni House (2700 University Avenue). New and current students, alumni and allies, faculty, and staff are invited to attend. We’ll share information, resources, food, and fun. Meet leaders on campus and in the community who will energize your Bulldog experience!

— Jennifer Harvey, Campus Equity and Inclusion

37th Stalnaker Lecture featuring Professor Maura Lyons

The College of Arts and Sciences invites students, faculty, and staff to the 37th annual Stalnaker Lecture featuring Maura Lyons, professor of art history. The event will take place Sept. 23 at 6:30 p.m. in Sheslow Auditorium.

“Cut, Paste, Repeat: Satirical Collages from the U.S. Civil War”

We think of our fraught era as one in which visual satire reigns supreme. But similar strategies were employed more than 150 years ago. In this presentation, Professor Maura Lyons will explore collages that spoofed leading political and military figures during the U.S. Civil War. These collages, which combine photography and other media and hover between portraiture and caricature, reveal both the power and limitations of “cutting and pasting” during a time of national crisis.

— Kayla Jenkins, College of Arts and Sciences

New Sprouts vegan dining option in the Hubb

When Executive Chef Angela Shultz arrived on campus, she was eager to begin working on a Drake Dining project that was near and dear to her heart—Sprouts Vegan platform, located in Hubb South. Sprouts is Drake Dining’s new, completely vegan platform. Sprouts offers vegan options at breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, but the fare isn’t exclusively for folks with 100 percent plant-based diets.

“I want to challenge everyone to try Sprouts,” said Angela, noting that the offerings will feature cuisines from all over the world with something tasty for everyone.

Angela’s passion for vegan cuisine is infectious—but she knew after some candid conversations with Drake students—she wasn’t alone; the students were clamoring for it too. “I got the opportunity to speak with some of the students, and I want them to know that I heard them,” she said. “It’s important to me that everyone who chooses to eat a plant-based diet gets a flavorful and well-balanced meal.”

Visit for more information on Drake Dining locations and download the BiteU app for daily menus and more.

— Casey Morgan, Dining Services

Study abroad in Spain Spring 2022

The Global Engagement office is excited to announce our new study abroad program in Seville, Spain for the Spring 2022 semester. Students with or without a background in Spanish are invited to apply to the program and join a Drake faculty member and group of students studying in Spain Jan. 18 to May 18, 2022. The program is open to Drake students who are Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors. The first 10 students to commit to the Drake in Spain program will be given a $500 scholarship to attend the program.

You can read more and apply to the program by Sept. 15:

Students who want to learn more about the program can attend one of the following sessions:

Additionally, students are invited to email with questions, or to setup an appointment.

— Karen Williams, Education Abroad Advisor