Celebrate and recognize fellow Bulldogs during All In

The annual All In 24-Hour Giving Challenge is about more than just giving donations. It’s about giving recognition and celebrating our Drake community. This year, we want to acknowledge all we’ve faced together and elevate the moments of triumph, perseverance, kindness, transformation, and strength that you’ve seen in other Bulldogs through a video project. If you have someone you’d like to recognize, please sign up here to record a 15–20 second video message. (The process is easy and can be done from wherever. The All In team will provide instructions once you sign up.)

Here are some examples to get you thinking of moments you can recognize:

  • Classmate, I’m so inspired by how much you’ve done for the neighborhood by volunteering. It’s great to be in a community with such passionate people who want to make a difference.
  • Professor, you opened my mind to a career I never thought possible. Thank you for believing in me.
  • Friend, we celebrated when you nabbed that internship and then we celebrated again when the company offered you a job after graduation.
  • Friend, when I faced a family challenge, you helped me get through the fall semester. I wouldn’t have stayed on track to graduate without you.
  • Teammate, when we went all remote last spring, your daily texts and posts kept me feeling connected and hopeful. Thank you for always being there to talk, I’m so happy to be playing together again.
  • Colleague, we saw a lot of changes and challenges this year. Your grace through it all has been nothing short of inspiring. Thank you for always going the extra mile.

These video messages will be shared with the Drake audience on social media during the All In 24-Hour Giving Challenge (April 8–9). The deadline to submit a video is March 23.

Thank you for helping us recognize the Bulldogs who have risen to meet the moment. We look forward to celebrating with our community during All In. (RSVP to All In to stay up-to-date).

Please reach out to Alicia Chilton, assistant director of marketing, alicia.chilton@drake.edu, with any questions.

— The All In Team