FPM survey results and annual Golden Bulldog Award

An important aspect of Drake’s Continuous Improvement Plan is to examine our processes. The Administrative Services Survey greatly assists us in this.

This fall’s survey was issued to faculty and staff with the focus on Human Resources, Facilities Planning and Management (FPM), Information Technology Services, Public Safety, Finance, and Communications.

This feedback helps the departments understand where service gaps may exist and how to improve the services of our University. Continuous improvement efforts are meant to drive intentional and strategic action. Responses to this survey shape the University’s future efforts.

Survey respondents provided largely positive feedback about FPM services. Responses were provided on a five-point scale, with five being the highest.

Overall satisfaction—Total Average 4.39 (4.14 last year)
Overall satisfaction is above average, but FPM still looks for areas of improvement.  In reviewing the data and reflecting on the comments provided by the respondents, FPM will be focusing on providing more frequent communications on work and projects that affect the campus.  FPM is very pleased with the increase of satisfaction of our services and will continue to provide them in a professional manner.

In continuing to praise our team for their hard work they do every day, as well as create some spirited competition, a roaming trophy, The Golden Bulldog, was created last year for FPM. That inaugural year was won by our Grounds staff with an overall rating of 4.54. Although they improved their score this year with a 4.63, it wasn’t enough to hold the trophy for another year. Please help me congratulate the 2020 Golden Bulldog winners, Skilled Trades, with a 4.82! In addition, I want to recognize all of our departments, which all scored above 85% satisfaction on this year’s survey!

— Mitch Wieczorek, Facilities Planning and Management