DU Well Healthy Holidays challenge

DU Well Healthy Holidays is a five-week program that runs from Nov. 30, 2020, through Jan. 3, 2021. It consists of a series of one-day challenges that you can do at home or at Drake. From taking a walk break, to phoning a friend, or checking the batteries on your smoke detector, there is something for everyone. Simply check off the challenges as you complete them on the tracking form you will be provided. If you complete a daily challenge on 30 of the 35 days, you will be placed in a drawing for a chance to win prizes. 

As an added bonus, the tracking form will include a place to record your weekly weight. This is optional, but if you maintain (or lose) weight over the holidays, it will count as completing three (3) daily challenges.

To register for DU Well Healthy Holidays and receive your tracking form, send an email to linda.feiden@drake.edu.  

—  Linda Feiden, Human Resources