Log into the eduroam network with your Drake email address before Dec. 1

Although we’ve encouraged logging into our eduroam campus wireless network using your Drake email address, it hasn’t been required. This is changing on Dec. 1. In order to better maintain our network and to ensure that credentials are passed properly to access eduroam at other affiliated institutions, we are changing our network settings.

Following this change on Dec. 1, you will not be able to log into the eduroam network using your Drake ID and must use your Drake email address.

Later this week we will send emails to the students, faculty, and staff who are currently logged into eduroam using their Drake ID. These individuals need to forget their current network on any device where they are connected (see Forgetting a Wireless Network (How-To) if you need instructions), and log in again using their Drake email address. This should be done as soon as possible to avoid encountering issues on Dec. 1 or upon returning from winter break.

Need a reminder on how to log into eduroam? Follow the instructions at Connecting to the eduroam Wireless Network (How-to).

If you’re working, learning, or teaching entirely remotely, you’ll need to make this change when you return to the Drake campus.

— Chris Mielke, ITS