Facilities Planning and Management summer projects

Welcome back to campus for the 2019–2020 academic year! Every year during the summer months Facilities Planning and Management (FP&M) works hard to complete key construction and repair projects in time for the beginning of the academic year. Many of these initiatives are part of the regular capital improvement budget, deferred maintenance, while other projects are made possible through donations to the University. In each case, we take seriously our commitment to be good stewards of the resources that are entrusted to us. Below is a list the projects you may notice on campus as we begin a new academic year.

Work is completed or nearing completion on the following projects:

  • New acid hood in Cline 222
  • Solar panel installation on roof of the Tennis Center
  • Install of new electrical switch at Goodwin-Kirk
  • New classroom chairs ordered for Howard Hall
  • New roof on skywalk between Fitch and Harvey Ingham
  • Repairs to Drake parking lots
  • Completion of the BGCC at the corner of 25th and Forest Avenue
  • Upgrade of several elevators
  • In the process of making repairs to boilers located 2817 Forest Avenue
  • Painting of dorm rooms in Goodwin-Kirk
  • In the process of installing new restroom on second floor of Howard Hall
  • Removal of a large fuel oil tank on campus
  • Window repairs at Cartwright, Opperman, Cline, Harvey Ingham, and Fitch
  • Roof repair at Old Main
  • In the process adding new storm drain along University Avenue

Drake University always has a great deal of work and maintenance that needs to occur on the campus each summer. Each year we update a comprehensive deferred maintenance and repair list and share it with key leaders and departments across campus. This process helps us prepare for the planning the next summer’s work. A special thank you to all the FP&M team members who helped complete these projects.

—Jolene Schmidt, Facilities Planning and Management