New, mandatory sexual and interpersonal and violence prevention course for students

Drake University takes acts of sexual and interpersonal misconduct seriously and is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment. In keeping with this goal, Drake is requiring all students to complete an online educational program on sexual and interpersonal violence prevention. This effort also complies with the Violence Against Women Act and the Office for Civil Rights federal guidelines.

Student advisers and other faculty or staff who assist students with registering for classes should be aware that a hold will be placed on each student’s account until he or she has completed the online program—called Haven—which will prevent course registration for the subsequent semester. The mandatory portion, Part 1, must be completed by Oct. 15.

Using an online format to educate is the most efficient way to disseminate important regulatory information to college students. A Drake committee reviewed several online programs to make a final decision on utilizing Haven. Haven has also been the product of choice in many Iowa institutions of higher education—delivering positive student user feedback—which will position us for uniformity across the state.

Haven promotes student health and safety by educating students about the elements of healthy relationships, the importance of sexual consent, and the role of bystanders in creating safe, healthy communities. This science-based prevention program offers a confidential, personalized experience for each student, educating them on the issues associated with sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking while also taking into account their unique perspectives and experiences. It will also cover campus-specific policies, procedures, and resources.

—Submitted by Alysa Mozak, Coordinator for Sexual Violence Response and Healthy Relationship Promotion