New self-service password reset system

Today, Drake Technology Services will introduce a new self-service password reset (SSPR) system for campus, allowing you to change your own password without the assistance of the Support Center. The SSPR system makes changing campus passwords and setting security questions more intuitive; resetting forgotten passwords is also straightforward.

You don’t need to change your password immediately once the new password reset system is introduced. You can wait until your password is about to expire before accessing SSPR. Passwords will continue to expire one year after being changed, and you will continue to be notified as expiration approaches. However, notices from SSPR will be better identified making it clear that the notification is sent from Drake.

Using the SSPR
Upon logging in to SSPR for the first time, users will be asked to choose and answer three security questions, which you will need to answer if you forget your password. The three security questions are private and cannot be accessed by anyone other than you.

SSPR also introduces a fourth security question that Support Center staff can see. If you need to call in for assistance, Support Center staff can ask this fourth question to verify identity.

You will also be asked to add a personal (non-Drake) email address and mobile phone number, which can be used for additional validation if a password is forgotten.

The new system incorporates characteristics of other online password management systems, such as those for online banking, Apple’s iTunes, and Microsoft’s Live.

When you need to change your password, or to utilize the new system, visit and try Drake’s Self-Service Password Reset!

—Submitted by Drake Technology Services