Support for Virtual Global Learning at Drake

Alanah Mitchell, associate professor and chair of information management and business analytics in the College of Business and Public Administration, is serving as Drake’s inaugural Global Virtual Learning Faculty Fellow. This new fellowship program is sponsored by the Principal Center for Global Citizenship.

The Global Virtual Learning Fellowship is designed to facilitate and support the development of global virtual learning experiences within the Drake community. Specifically, the fellowship position is designed to:

  • Expand Drake faculty and staff capacity for global virtual learning
  • Support the development of global virtual learning opportunities

Professor Mitchell’s primary research area relates to the use of technology for virtual collaboration as she has taught and studied global, virtual learning projects for almost 15 years. Specifically, she has developed and led global virtual student projects with partners from South Africa, Belgium, China, India, Poland, Taiwan, New Zealand, and others. Additionally, Professor Mitchell participated in Drake’s Fall 2020 “Facilitating Intercultural Learning” training program sponsored by the Nelson Institute.

Interested in adding Global Virtual Learning to your course? For faculty considering or already planning to offer a global virtual collaboration project in their course, or looking to brainstorm or ask questions about virtual learning activities (including partner identification, assignment design, technology choice, reflection activities, or assessment), Professor Mitchell will be holding virtual office hours from 12–3 p.m. on May 7. Please contact for the Zoom link.

New to the idea of adding Global Virtual Learning to your course? Look for more details in a future OnCampus regarding an upcoming summer workshop.

— Annique Kiel, Global Engagement and International Programs