Employee mail delivery

Postal Operations has made some adjustments to its internal processes. Read the announcement below for info on when to expect your mail and the department’s holiday hours.

Process updates: Due to changes at our local Post Office, mail has been arriving to campus later in the day then has traditionally been the case. This has caused us to adjust our daily delivery schedule, and we have been completing our morning mail route later in the day (closer to lunch hour). We will continue this schedule through the remainder of the academic year to ensure you are getting the majority of the mail that arrives each day. We appreciate your cooperation as we adjust to this new flow. Mary Cecil normally completes the morning route, and Christian Law normally completes the afternoon route. Please feel free to work with them directly if you have questions about when to expect your mail daily, and we will work to communicate with our building contacts if schedules are drastically off the daily norm.

Thanksgiving break: Mail will be delivered Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week (Nov. 23 and Nov. 24), but Postal Operations will be closed for the holiday break (Nov. 25–Nov. 29). Mail delivery will resume on campus the week of Nov. 30.

Remainder of the semester: Students living on campus through the end of the semester can pick up their mail at Postal Operations between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, on days that the mailroom is open. We will continue our normal campus mail delivery through the remainder of the semester.

Winter break: The mailroom will close during the University break (Dec. 19–Jan. 3), and deliveries to campus buildings will resume on Jan. 4.

Thank you for your support and partnership this year, and feel free to contact us at campusmailoperations@drake.edu if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding the upcoming schedule.

— Sara Heijerman, Student Services Center