Blackboard Learn Ultra instructor orientation course Module 3 and sandboxes now available 

About Module 3: Module 3 is being released this week. This self-paced module is expected to take about one hour and is focused on the navigation of the new Ultra Course View. All Fall 2021 courses will be built using the Ultra Course View. 

As of this week, you should have Ultra course sandboxes available to you via your “Courses” list under the “Assorted Dates” area or under the “Sandboxes” group of courses. The names of these courses  follow this formula- Ultra Sandbox #: Drake ID. These sandboxes allow you to practice new features in the Ultra Course View. Please choose one of your sandbox courses to complete the “Things to Try on Your Own” sections of the orientation course (Module 3 and beyond). As you are learning your way around the Ultra Course View, the sandboxes provide you with a student-free working space so that you can begin developing and designing courses in the new look and feel.   

Need assistance with your Ultra sandbox courses? 
If the sandbox courses in Ultra course view are not showing in your Courses list, please request assistance by submitting a  Blackboard Site Creation request in the IT Service Portal. 

What’s Next? 
Next week, Module 4 will be released, and it will introduce new content creation features in the Ultra Course View.   

— Karly Good, ITS